Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tracks 2006-2011

a mix i put together yesterday, since it's now been 5 or 6 years of making records. it felt like a good time to do it...

i really enjoyed making this mix, it's a great way to take stock, see where you went right, and way way i can hear my shitty old behringer mixer on some of these...and why are there no cymbal crashes on solaris?? etc etc

but most importantly a reminder of where i come from musically...when you get into this thing, you can't help but get bogged down in trying to make a big hit record or whatever, and that's often at the expense of where you came from in the first place...i've learned a lot about my music listening to these old tracks, and am looking forward to putting this knowledge to use...

big thanks to all the labels who took a chance on me. there's some things i didn't get to put on here, i didn't want to make it too i'll probably do another soon, hence the "pt. 1"


1. Solaris (Feel Music 2006)
2. Falling Angels (Plak Records 2008)
3. Space Walk (Mule Musiq 2009)
4. Freak Out Or Get Out (Wave Music 2007)
5. Big Piano (Drumpoet Community 2010)
6. Back It Up (IRR 2008)
7. Morning Moon (Mule Musiq 2009)
8. The Chant (One Track Records 2011)
9. Move (Feel Music 2007)
10. First Water (Plak Records 2011)
11. Aurora (IRR 2009)
12. Tunnel Vision (Drumpoet Community 2009)
13. Monsoon (Wave Music 2007)

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